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Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Khan El Khalili or Jan El Jalili, is the most famous market in Egypt and the Middle East.

Its origin dates back to 1382 when the Mamluk Sultan Djaharks el-Jalili decided to build a resting place

For merchants on the ruins of an ancient Fatimid cemetery.

Khan El Khalili

What is special about The Khan?

The market located in Islamic Cairo, in the medieval area. It bears witness to the splendor of Mamluk architecture.

Colorful lamps, fabrics, handicrafts, Khan el-Khalili jewelry, spices, perfumes, musical instruments and of course Egyptian souvenirs and gifts…

In the narrow streets of the market, you will find everything! It said that there are more than 900 stalls.

The market is especially famous for its copper.

“El Nahaseen” is an area of the market where all the craftsmen who sublimate this metal gathered. There are a wide range of different online sportsbooks on the market that you can choose from so you will have https://casinodulacleamy.com/ a wide selection of bet options for the USA.


The Khan history

In addition to its small stalls, the market surrounded by old cafes, places frequented by locals and tourists have tea or smoke a chicha.

The most famous is the El Fishawi café, nicknamed the “Café des Miroirs”.

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Khan El Khalili


khan el-khalili bazaar: opening hours

Open since 1769, 24 hours a day, sitting there to contemplate the life of Cairo is a real spectacle.

In addition to stopping at one of the cafes and strolling through the market, we advise you to taste typical sweets or natural fruit juices.

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Khan El Khalili


About The bazaar

The bazaar of Khan el Khalili is perfect to spend a different night in the city.

A good option is arrive around 7 pm to cross the market without hurrying and dine in one of the restaurants on the street, located near Tahrir Square.

It is more comfortable to enter the market at the El Hussein Mosque, Find out Cairo Day Trips