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20 Best things to do in Dahab Egypt: First time Visitor

things to do in Dahab Egypt

Dahab Egypt has developed into a tranquil beach town that is incredibly well-liked by travelers looking for a picturesque location to unwind and partake in exciting water activities simultaneously.

We have created a list of activities to do in Dahab, things that make Dahab unique, shopping districts, and restaurants so that you may learn more about what you can do there.

Facts about Dahab Egypt:

 things to do in Dahab Egyp
Amazing top view of Dahab Egypt

Dahab started as a Bedouin community and gradually transformed into a tourist destination, initially with a few cabins on the shore and subsequently as the perfect starting point for seeing some of the most fantastic diving and snorkeling locations in Egypt and the rest of the globe.

South of Dahab, near the Bedouin town of El Asslah, the city sprang developed around.

Young travelers, particularly students on a low budget, visit the affordable motels and campgrounds still in this area of the town.

Additional land-based activities are available, such as camel, horse, bicycle, and jeep excursions of the desert.

It is feasible to visit some exciting locations nearby to add to the experience, such as Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery.

Everything revolves around the water and beaches in Dahab. The aquatic life is quite diversified with coral reefs and many fish species.

Snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, swimming, Bedouin meals in the desert, and beach parties are some of the most engaging activities, and one of the top things to do in Dahab.

The Blue Hole is one of the most well-known diving locations. This location is bordered by coral reefs and is more than 80 meters deep in some places.

Ras Abu Galum, renowned for its desert, mountains, plains, and marine life, is another fascinating location. In 1992, it was designated as a protected area.

Because of its greenery, marine caves, and coral reefs, Nabq is another protected area.


Where is Dahab Egypt

About 80 kilometers (50 miles) northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh, on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, is a small Egyptian village called Dahab.


What makes Dahab unique

things to do in Dahab Egypt
Beach of Dahab Egypt
  • If you look for the ultimate in relaxation while on vacation.
  • When traveling alone, you want to meet friendly people.
  • Unable to choose between visiting a location with mountains, the sea, or the desert, Dahab has all three.
  • Wants to learn windsurfing, kitesurfing, or diving.
  • Make low-cost travel arrangements.
  • It aspires to explore the stunning undersea environment.
  • You want to learn about the straightforward Bedouin way of life.
  • People want to forget their sorrows or escape from their complicated daily lives.
  • I prefer family trips over wild getaways.
  • Those who dislike very touristic areas.


Things to do in Dahab Egypt:

  1. Discover Scuba Diving.
  2. Explore the Blue Hole, one of the best things to do in Dahab.
  3. Try wind or kiteboarding, added to the top things to do in dahab.
  4. Enroll on a camel safari.
  5. Mount a horse and explore the area.
  6. Take a trip to St. Catherine’s Monastery, one of the things to do in Dahab.
  7. This glass-bottom boat will allow you to see the marine life of Dahab without having to get your feet wet.
  8. Go on an exciting snorkeling adventure and get up and personal with the mesmerizing aquatic life.
  9. Rent a quad bike and see the breathtaking scenery of the Sinai desert, including things to do in Dahab.
  10. Participate in a calming yoga practice among the gorges and dunes of the Sinai Desert.
  11. Experience the traditional way of life of the Bedouin people by traveling to Blue Lagoon on the back of a camel.
  12. Hike Mount Sinai and get an incredible view of the dawn across the peaks of the Sinai Peninsula.
  13. Hop on a bicycle and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you go down the shore.
  14. Take an evening stroll around the streets of Dahab.
  15. Explore the ocean’s depths and wonder at the SS Thistlegorm.
  16. Devote some time to taking in the breathtaking sunset at Laguna Beach.
  17. Stop through the Dahab Community Market to pick up some souvenirs.
  18. Adding to the top things to do in Dahab, embark on an exciting jeep adventure to Ras Abu Galum.
  19. Have a traditional meal prepared by Bedouins when you’re in the middle of the mountains.
  20. Magical lake at Dahab.


Top shopping areas in Dahab Egypt:

things to do in Dahab Egypt
Shopping in Dahab Egypt
  1. Al Mashaya Street Dahab City.
  2. Ramses Family Mall.
  3. Dahab city center.
  4. Loloa Boutique.
  5. Dive now work later.
  6. Hands of Dahab Community Market.


Top restaurants in Dahab Egypt:

  1. Tango
  2. Athanor
  3. King Chicken
  4. Ali Baba
  5. El Masryen
  6. Lakhbatita
  7. Blue house
  8. Ramez & Paola
  9. Yum Yum
  10. Ralph’s German Bakery
  11. Lindy
  12. Zanooba
  13. Hell’s Kitchen
  14. Sababa
  15. Grill house


Hotels in Dahab:

  1. Swiss Inn Resort Dahab
  2. Ecotel Dahab
  3. Planet Oasis Resort Dahab
  4. Ghazala
  5. Bedouin Moon
  6. Tirana Dahab Resort
  7. Dahab Bay
  8. Jaz Dahabeya
  9. Ali Baba
  10. diamond dahab



Dahab Egypt is a charming small city by the red sea. Is a city in Egypt that is part of the South Sinai Governorate.

Dahab, is separated into two main villages. Al-Asala, the first town in the south, is recognized for its straightforward Bedouin way of life.

The second village, which is in the north, is characterized by its crystal-clear beaches and is thought to be the heart and soul of the city because of its commercial district and shopping areas.

Winter in Dahab is a lovely time to visit. The sun is shining, and the weather is pleasant. It is a huge benefit, and you can swim throughout the day.

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