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Nile River Map

Nile River flows through Egypt and Sudan, has its sources in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi

How long is the nile river?

Begins its course in Luvironza The river in Burundi is 6,671 km long, has an area of 3,350,000 km² (5 times the area of France).

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The exhaust is about 3.1 million liters per second, between 1 and 23 km wide.

The Nile flows through Egypt at about 1,532 km, Find out Egypt Travel Packages

About 140 million people live along its banks, most of them in Egypt. 

The Nile carries water throughout the year, but the amount varies depending on the season.

With the construction of the Aswan Dam, this is now under Egyptian control, Quick tour in Egypt Day Tours

Nile River Map “map of the nile river”


Why is the Nile river so famous?

The Nile has numerous tributaries and in Sudan, its name changes at the crossroads of Bahru l-Ghazal.

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Before this point, it called Bahru l-Jabal, “Mountain Nile”, after the Bahru l-Abyad point, “White Nile”.

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Bahru l-Abyad is at the intersection of Khartoum, flanked by Bahru l-Azraq, “The Blue Nile”,

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Downstream of Khartoum joins the Atbara River, and this is the last of its tributaries.

Nile River Map

Dams on the Nile 

There are other dams besides Aswan, in Sudan, the Blue Nile dammed by the Sennar dam.

The White Nile blocked just before Khartoum, Both are important for local agriculture.

The Nile ends in a delta area, which is also the most fertile, in northern Egypt.

For this reason, 3,300 km² of new land has irrigated, 

Nile River Map

Lake Nasser

Fish have introduced into the lake and there have been some modest attempts to reclaim the land along its shores. 

The arrival of Lake Nasser submerged large areas of Nubian territory in Sudan, for which little compensation paid.

One of the greatest monuments of the Pharaoh of Egypt, the temples of Abu Simbel saved by an UN-funded team

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