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The Museum of Luxor

Where is the Luxor Museum?

Located on the Corniche Nile in the center of Luxor, this museum was presented to the public in 1975 and its collection was more tame and unpretentious

Why is the Luxor Temple famous?

The Museum of Luxor is considered one of the most important places that contain the most famous selection of ancient vestiges, which advice to select par excellence on capacity guaranteeing a really exceptional tour by the majestic ancient history of Egypt.

Some of the many extraordinary examples in the Museum are the well-preserved royal mummies of Ahmose I and Ramses II, which are presented without their wrappings in a new wing added to the Museum in 2004.

Luxor museum
Wooden Funerary Model Boat. Luxor Museum , Egypt

This extension was created to draw attention to the Thebes of the New Kingdom, which passed through three dynasties.

A screen explains how the workers harvested the papyrus, and how the hieroglyphs had been taught to the children. You will find 26 statues from the New Kingdom era that were found in 1986 in the Temple of Luxor, which is very close by.

Luxor king tut museum

 the remains taken from the tomb of King Tutankhamun which are placed on the first floor of the museum are one of the museum’s most fascinating exhibits.

There are also Coptic monuments from the 5th century AD and Islamic pieces dating back to the Mamluk period

At the Museum, the largest ancient statues and smallest everyday objects are recognized as symbols of Egypt’s amazingly long and historic era.

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