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Location of Sharm El Sheikh Sinai

Sharm El-Sheikh Sinai is the largest and most important city on the Red Sea, lies on the southern flank of the peninsula, where two gulfs of Aqaba and Suez meet the Red Sea. With its diverse environmental characteristics combining history, tourism industry, and agriculture, it has become the main attraction for tourists, travelers, and divers, businessmen. Sharm el-Sheikh is probably the best-known city on the Red Sea coast, located south of Sinai. In front of the city, in the Gulf of Aqaba, there are two islands: the island of Tiran and the island of Sanafir.

Sharm El Sheikh Sinai
Sharm el-Sheikh is an Egyptian city on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

 Meaning of Sharm El Sheikh 

Sharm El Sheikh is an Arabic name composed of two Arabic words: Sharm means Bay and El Sheikh means leader according to the Bedouin dialect, the inhabitants of the Sinai Peninsula.

 Why is Sharm El Sheikh a famous city? 

For many reasons, this city has become so famous: first of all Sharm- el-Sheikh has given the Red Sea an international reputation as one of the most extraordinary dive sites in the world. Secondly, the city has so many resorts and hotels and all the possibilities for tourists. And the third – the city is too clean and is considered a corner of paradise. Another reason why Sharm-el-Sheikh has this location – the coral reefs of Ras Mohammed, Tiran and the Aqaba coast, on which Sharm El Sheikh has built its legendary reputation.

Sharm El Sheikh Sinai
Sharm el-Sheikh is the Sinai Peninsula’s major tourism center and one of the world’s top diving destinations.

 History of Sharm El Sheikh 

Before 1967, Sharm-el-Sheikh did not even appear on most maps of Egypt and it was politics rather than diving that first brought the world’s attention to this tiny port. Sharm el-Sheikh, which was right at the landing at the Strait of Tiran, became famous when Egyptian President Nasser decided to block the Strait, thus interrupting Israel’s access to the Red Sea. The direct result of the blockade was the Arab-Israeli conflict of 5 June 1967 and Sharm-el-Sheikh began to grow only in 1982 after the Egyptian government paid close attention to Sinai after the Israeli occupation. In the following years, it gradually began to attract divers, travelers and resort guests. The large bay in the southwest of the city, Sharm El Sheikh Bay, remains a military port. Sharm El-Sheikh, apart from its strategic military position, has been considered an isolated part of Egypt for over 25 years. Only after the war of liberation and Egypt’s victory in 1973, and the subsequent peace agreement did the wonderful city of Sharm El Sheikh emerge as a promising resort full of potential for prosperity.

Sharm El Sheikh Sinai
Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most accessible and developed tourist resort communities on the Sinai Peninsula.

 Cultural and religious tourism in Sharm El Sheikh 

Visitors to the city of Sharm El-Sheikh can take a look at cultural and religious tourism by visiting historical sites at their fingertips. To the east of the city is the Monastery of St. Catherine. It is one of the very few early Christian building complexes that have not been destroyed or rebuilt several times over the centuries. The spiritual heritage of the monastery is beyond estimates. Also, there are other monasteries scattered in the Sinai desert like the Monastery of the Seventh Daughters. North of the city is the famous temple of the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor Sirabit el Khadim, which dates back to the reign of King Amenophis IV.

Sharm El Sheikh Sinai
Sharm el-Sheikh is a large resort at the south tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

 Quarters of Sharm El Sheikh 

The city of Sharm El-Sheikh has been divided into six homogeneous centers: the old market or old Sharm, the plateau of Um el Sid or Hadaba, the bay of Na’ama or Marina in the city center, Ras Nosrani where the airport is located and Ghargana north of the airport or Nabq.

 Ports of Sharm El Sheikh 

Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport has been developed and expanded to receive a large number of aircraft and the constant increase in the number of flights; it accommodates about 1500 passengers per hour. There are three ports in Sharm El-Sheikh, which can accommodate different types of boats and ships, offering different services to connect the city to the world, as well as small local ports for diving boats. 1- The military port: it is dedicated to large boats, ships. 2-Na’ama Bay Harbour: is dedicated to small diving and snorkeling boats. 3- The port of Travco: it is dedicated to the small diving and snorkeling boat. The development of the city offers an exclusive world of luxury and elegance. A fantastic world of space and style is made up of glamorous low-density resorts, exclusive sports facilities, catering and shopping centers without equal.

Sharm el-Sheikh gave the Red Sea an international reputation as one of the world’s most extraordinary diving destinations.

 The population of Sharm El Sheikh 

The majority of the city’s population works in tourism, construction, health, and education. Most of the people here came from other Egyptian cities. The total population of Sharm El Sheikh is about 35000. These numbers are housed in 9700 housing units, 3% of which is owned by indigenous residents (Bedouins), 11% is provided through the government housing program and 86% is mainly tourist accommodation.

 Activities in Sharm El Sheikh 

The city has become a center of activity to meet promising investment prospects. New beaches have been expanded and resorts have been created to accommodate the flow of tourists who flock to enjoy the exclusive facilities and wonderful climate. Visitors to Sharm El-Sheikh experience a variety of water and land-based activities. Beach bathers find activities such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, paragliding, banana boats, and canoes. Adventurers and sportsmen find in Sharm El-Sheikh a paradise that offers a variety of activities such as golf, tennis, horseback riding, camel, volleyball and desert safaris to various oases and wadies.

Safari in Sharm El Sheikh.

 Sharm El-Sheikh the city of peace and beauty 

Sharm El-Sheikh is always called the “city of peace” many political and scientific meetings and conferences have taken place and still take place here. The city of Sharm El-Sheikh offers a variety of tourist attractions ranging from spectacular mountains to expanses of golden beaches on incomparable waters. The dominant colors here are sea blue and desert yellow. The city is new, almost all the buildings are only 25 years old which is why everything is well organized. There are no tall buildings or industries.

 Seafaring life in Sharm el Sheikh

Coral reefs and fish, unparalleled anywhere else in the world, the city offers great opportunities for tourists and divers. There are more than 200 hotels and motels for scientific tourism with diversity in species of marine life; 250 different coral reefs and 1000 species of fish. These natural resources together with its proximity to European tourist markets have stimulated the rapid growth of the tourism boom that the region is currently experiencing. The Bedouin culture with its colorful handicrafts stands alone as a scene to visit. In a huge success, achieved for the first time in the world by an Egyptian city, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has selected the Egyptian city of Sharm ash-Sheikh in South Sinai as the best city in the world for peace and beauty. This coronation was made in recognition of the city’s role in establishing the principles of a complete and just peace in the Middle East. It has become a permanent venue for numerous international peace conferences and a venue for meetings between the president and world leaders. The city has also hosted various negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis in the presence of international and US leaders.