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Montazah Palace

One of Alexandria’s most notable landmarks, Al Montazah Palace, is a location you cannot miss. There are a lot of palaces that were once the homes of various royal families. The gardens of the Montazah Palace in Egypt are a clear example of how well-kept and beautiful the place is.

Its defining features are the magnificent and sizable grounds of Montaza Palace and the royal palaces that still stand today. Due to their size and beauty, the gardens of the Montaza Palaces are a popular tourist destination for tourists who travel to Alexandria.

Facts about Montazah Palace:

Montazah Palace
Full view of Montazah Palace

1. The gardens, which span 370 acres and are east of Alexandria in the Montazah neighborhood, overlook the “Montazah” harbor. They have unusual flowerbeds and old trees that are taken care of throughout the day.

2. It was built more than a century ago after Khedive Abbas Helmy II, admiring the region while strolling on the beach with a musician, decided to add a palace area and gardens for the summer. The Khedive himself oversaw the garden’s construction in the late ninth century.

3. Aida, Cleopatra, Phenicia, Semiramis, and a private beach at the Palestine Hotel, which hosted the second Arab Summit in September 1964, are just a few of the beaches that can be seen from the Montazah gardens.

4. The first palace constructed in the gardens was called “Salamlik,” Turkish for “a place of relaxation.” Abbas Helmy II commissioned Greek engineer Dimitri Fabricius to build it based on popular models of the time to fulfill the wish of Countess Marie Turk von Zendo, who would later become his wife.

Montazah Palace from top view

5. The Haramlek Palace, a residence for the royal family, as well as other support buildings, such as the construction of a bridge connecting Tea Island with the royal palaces, a cinema for princesses, a water tower, the royal train station, administrative offices, and royal chariots, were added to the gardens during the reigns of King Fouad I and King Farouk.

6- Several artists chose the park’s gardens and beaches as a unique setting to shoot their movies, including Sabah for “The Night When the Moon Cried,” Abdel Halim Hafez and Maryam Fakhreddin for “A Love Story,” and Abdel Halim Hafez for “My Father Over the Tree.”

7- The park, now regarded as one of the icons of exceptional beauty in the world, was created by Muhammad Ali Pasha as a summer retreat for his family to enjoy the sweltering summer months.

8- It was constructed on a high plateau surrounded by gardens and trees on a 370-acre plot of land in the Montazah neighborhood, east of Alexandria, Egypt, with a view of Montazah Bay, and this is where its grandeur lies.

The Montazah Palace is located on a stunning stretch of coastline and is surrounded by extensive grounds. The palace was constructed around the turn of the 20th century by Khedive Abbas II, a relative of King Farouk, and blends Florentine and Turkish styles. The Palazzo Vecchio in Florence inspired the design of the palace’s central tower.

History of Montazah Palace:

Montazah Palace
Montazah Palace and gardens

The Salamlek Palace, the first structure on the expansive Montaza Palace grounds, was constructed in 1892 by Khedive Abbas II, the final ruler of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, to bear the title of Khedive of Egypt and Sudan. It served as his companion’s home and a hunting lodge.

The grounds of the Montaza Residence, constructed by King Fuad I in 1932 as a summer palace, were expanded to include the more significant Al-Haramlik Palace and royal gardens. It has two towers and is constructed in a hybrid of Ottoman and Florentine styles. One of these towers stands above the others by rising tall and featuring intricate Italian Renaissance design elements. Each floor of the palace features a broad open promenade facing the water.

where is the Montazah Palace located?

Montazah Palace
Side view of Montazah Palace

Al Mandarah Bahri, Montaza 2, Alexandria Governorate

Things to do in Montazah Palace:

Montazah Palace
Montazah Palace
  • View the 3,000 square meter gardens, which are still in existence and contain 75-year-old tropical plants.
  • The monuments are all visible, including the famous clock tower where four golden statues of King Farouk emerged when the clock struck twelve.
  • The tea kiosk, constructed in the Roman style and facing out onto the Mediterranean Sea, is visible.
  • You can still see that bit of earthly heaven where the king and princesses had their own private natural bathing pools built inside the Mediterranean waves
  • You can watch movies in the Princesses’ Cinema, a walled garden next to the King’s Palace with a giant wall fitted to show movies for the princesses’ amusement.
  • You can see the Al-Haramlik and Al-Salamlik palaces. In the past, the courtiers’ wives who belonged to the royal family and the king’s harem were housed in the Al-Haramlik Palace, and Al-Salamlik Palace was created as a residence for the king’s courtiers.
  • The second and third floors have been converted into luxury hotels, while the first floor has been transformed into an international casino.
  • You can take advantage of the well-maintained tourist accommodations, parks, and chalets.

In summary:

Alexandria’s Montaza neighborhood goes by that name. It is a prestigious location that is easily identifiable due to its gardens and numerous buildings initially used as royal residences.

It is a stunning area of the city that must be seen. Particularly in a few key areas, the color and scenery are breathtaking. The Montaza Palace, the Helnan Palestine, the Salamlek Palace, and the clock tower.

For visitors, the highlights are the walks through the beautiful gardens surrounding the palace, a green setting bordered by fine sand beaches, and various walks. As well as strolling along the palm tree walkways and picnicking on the lawn, visitors can explore several greenhouses, home to an impressive variety of plants. The lush park and the semi-private beach are popular places to relax.

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