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City of Memphis Egypt

City of Memphis Egypt

where is the city of memphis in egypt?

Founded around 3100 B.C., City of Memphis Egypt was the first capital of the country,

From its unification until the first intermediate period in 2040 B.C.

The city was founded by Narmer, the first Pharaoh of Egypt, You can also read about Egypt Nile Cruise

ancient Memphis Egypt was an important political and religious center. It was the place

Where the god Ptah worshipped and where pharaohs crowned.

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City of Memphis Egypt


What is City of Memphis Egypt known for?

In the Middle Kingdom, City of Egypt nicknamed the “Balance of the Two Lands“,

The most important place in the country, between Upper and Lower Egypt.

It said to have the most populated city in the world until 2250 BC. Find out Egyptian Museum Facts

In 2240, Thebes, now Luxor, replaced it to become the capital of Egypt.

Centuries passed and, in 331 BC, with the foundation of Alexandria, the city began to lose importance until 641, when it abandoned.

the city of memphis egypt

Its remains used for the construction of Cairo.

In the area where old City of Memphis Egypt located, 19 kilometers south of Cairo, is now the city of Mit Rahina,

Which houses the Memphis Museum, Hurry up to find out Museum of Islamic Art Cairo

Memphis Museum

Today, Memphis is an open-air museum with dozens of relics from the country, including two of the most important Egyptian statues.

The Colossus of Ramses II:

Although it is missing part of its legs, this colossal statue is 13 meters high and has very beautiful details.

For us, it is one of the jewels of the country.

The Sphinx of Alabaster:

Sculpted from a single piece of alabaster, this sphinx is 4 meters high, 7 meters long and weighs 80 tons.

Because of these characteristics, it believed to have belonged to Queen Hatshepsut.

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For us, the only thing worthy of interest in Memphis is the colossal statue of Ramses II.

However, since the visit to Memphis always made in concert with the visit to Saqqarah, both sites are worth a visit.